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Updates (August 2014)

Ashleybeeeee A posted Aug 21, 14
Well, there has been some more changes to our server over the last month, which are hopefully for the better. From changing the chat system, to a major revamp of our PVP server, there has been a lot happening!

The main change is that we have implemented an across server chat, which links all relative servers together, so all creative servers chat is linked, and are PVP chats are linked. This will be removed once the chat gets hard to read due to the number of players online! You will automatically be placed into the chat channel dependent on the server which you are currently on.

Our PVP servers has been revamped, and the ban list have been cleared. This means, everyone who was banned should now be able to get onto that servers, as long as they have not been banned totally from the servers, by account or related IP addresses. If you have been banned, please use the unban application on the website!

We have also released a new and updated rules which can be found here and a FAQ which can be found here in case you have any questions related to the servers! You can gain a link to these in-game by typing "/rules" and "/faq" on any of our servers!

Our teamspeak3 server has been revamped, with all new channels and a new skin to make the whole thing look better overall! You can connect to our teamspeak3 server by downloading the client and connecting to our servers with the ip: "" you will given a rank on there when a member of staff spots you on there! You will be able to chat to the team, and other players, and play Minecraft and other games!

On a site note, we are adding more servers to our network, and we would like you opinion on what you would like to see! Post a comment via PM on website, with ideas of what servers you lot want!

The new MCserverUK

Ashleybeeeee A posted Aug 10, 14
As you have probably seen, we have undergone a large amount of changes throughout the last couple of months to improve the player performance and experience which we offer. 

Just some of our changes:
- Integrated the credit system, both in-game and on-line
- Implemented a credit shop, both in-game and on-line
- New and improved website theme and design
- Faction server revamp
- PVP Server revamp
- Automated custom build-off competition plugin
- New and improved ranking structure across all servers

What do expect from us in the next couple of months:
- New and improved credit shop items and perks
- The ability to refer a friend to our server(s) and gain a reward
- New and improved ranking system on our Teamspeak 3 server